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Material: Titanium, Amethyst crystal, Emerald crystal

 Experience a new dimension of serenity and color with our Crystal Lenses™. These lenses go beyond just magnifying your view - they transform it entirely, immersing you in a sea of enchanting purple hues that calm the mind and ignite the imagination.

The unique feature of our Crystal lenses™️ is its inherent ability to induce infrared light. 

Each lenses reflects the distinctive natural variations, making each pair exclusive and personal. The amalgamation of vibrant aesthetics and peaceful vibes makes the perfect accessory for photographers, unique accessories enthusiasts, or those who appreciate the therapeutic properties of crystals.

Amethyst lenses can help in reducing eye strain by filtering out harmful blue light and UV rays, making them particularly beneficial for those who spend a lot of time in front of screens or outdoors under the sun.

Green lenses, particularly those made with emerald crystal, are known for their ability to improve visual clarity and contrast in various lighting conditions. This can be especially beneficial for outdoor activities, where precision in vision is key.

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