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Material: Titanium, Amethyst crystal

Experience a new dimension of serenity and color with our Amethyst Crystal Lenses. These lenses go beyond just magnifying your view - they transform it entirely, immersing you in a sea of enchanting purple hues that calm the mind and ignite the imagination.

Our Crystal Lenses™️ meticulously fashioned from top-notch, ethically sourced amethyst, prized for its soothing properties and its ability to inspire inner strength. More than a captivating eyewear, these lenses serve as a potent tool for mental clarity and tranquility.

The unique feature of our Crystal lenses™️ is its inherent ability to induce infrared light. This not only enhances the warm, purple tones in your visuals but also provides potential health benefits associated with infrared light therapy. Enhance your creativity while contributing to your wellbeing.

Each lenses reflects the distinctive natural variations of the amethyst stone, making each pair exclusive and personal. The amalgamation of vibrant aesthetics and peaceful vibes makes the perfect accessory for photographers, unique accessories enthusiasts, or those who appreciate the therapeutic properties of crystals.

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